Application forms

If you want to apply for a place at Sligo´s Youthreach, download the following form and submit them to

Download application form

Make sure you have read the following check list before you proceed to complete the forms.

Information for potential new learners

We need you to bring in:

  1. New learners arrive at the centre with a parent or legal guardian (if under 18) for initial meeting / interview with Ultan Mulvihill or Eileen Ryan.
  2. A learner application form is filled out by learner and signed by parent or guardian.
  3. A permission form for access to a counsellor, to carry out initial assessments, permission for your child to go on trips away, permission for your child´s involvement in video work (films) and use of your child´s image in photographs for use in papers and that your child will adher to our internet usage policy.
  4. A list of other paperwork is required by the Youthreach office before starting your course in the centre.
    • Your original long birth certificate.
    • Your PPS Number - a copy of the actual card or stamped copy of a document from social welfare with your PPS Number.
    • Note of fitness for work from family doctor.
    • Your Medical card details - a copy of the actual card or your parents card if you are under their card.
    • Letter from the last school you attended.
    • Permission letter from your parent(s).
    • A completed version of our medical questionnaire, signed by your parent if you are under 18 years or yourself if you are over 18.
    • A completed permission form signed by your parent(s) if you are under 18, for involvement in all the above see number 3 on the list.
    • bank account details.
    • Actual copy of your exam results (if you have sat any).
  5. When all the above paperwork is in order, the co-ordinator will ring you with a start date.
  6. New learners must complete a three day induction when they start in the centre. Failure to do so may cause to lose your place and have to restart at the next start date.