What do we do

What is Youthreach?

Youthreach is an integral part of the national programme of second-chance education and training in Ireland and is a central part of the Government's contribution to the achievement of a lifelong learning society.

The programme is directed at unemployed young early school leavers aged 15-20.  It offers participants the opportunity to identify and pursue viable options within adult life, and provides them with opportunities to acquire certification.

It operates on a full-time, year-round basis. Sligo Youthreach offers a flexible and dynamic programme of integrated general education, vocational training and work experience. (Work Experience element on hold currently due to Covid-19 restrictions). 

What do learners do at Sligo Youthreach?

Learners attend daily classes in a variety of subjects. Learners set personal and educational goals that increase their self-esteem, skill and knowledge base and employability. 

Can students get qualification while attending or by attending Youthreach?

Certification options available: QQI Level 2 and Leaving Certificate Applied(LCA) For further information go to  slss.lca.ie  Other opportunities for certification arise during the course e.g. Safepass, Drive for Life, First Aid, CPR, Manual Handling, QQI, LCA

How do you join the Sligo Youthreach programme?

Prospective learners must meet the relevant criteria in order to be considered for a place in Sligo Youthreach. Learners must be between 15 and 20 years old and typically out of mainstream second level education for a period of three months or more. Prospective learners together with their parents/guardians must attend an interview at the centre to assess suitability for enrollment. Learners over 18 must provide proof that they have signed off social welfare.

The first step towards enrolling is to make contact with the centre co-ordinator Ultan Mulvihill by
e-mail[email protected]
or you can phone the office on
tel: (071) – 9144248
e-mail[email protected]

How often do learners attend Youthreach?

Learners are required attend Youthreach every weekday. The centre is open to learners from Mon – Fri with short closures at Christmas and Easter. The centre is closed for holidays for 6 weeks during the July August period. 

Do learners get a training allowance?

Learners over 16 years of age receive a training allowance for attending Youthreach. The current training allowance rates are as follows:

Learners aged 16 - €45.00 per week
Learners aged 18 and over - €203.00 per week.
Learners also receive a €4/week meal allowance and a travel allowance is payable depending on distance from home to the centre.

Weekly training allowances are fully dependent on daily attendance and participation.