Many activities take place at Youthreach Sligo outside of the normal classroom setting. These activities are part of a holistic approach to the provision of education and include sporting, artistic, musical, cultural, social and leisure activities.  

As well as allowing young people to develop existing or new skills, these activities help learners to discover the value of teamwork, co-operation and participation. They also provide a vehicle through which initiative and leadership skills can be cultivated. Consequently all learners are actively encouraged to participate in the wide range of activities on offer. 


Sports encourage teamwork and social interaction and are also important in the development of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. All learners are given the opportunity to exercise in our well equipped gym.  

Some of the sports learners participate in include:
  • Soccer 
  • Athletics  
  • Water Sports 
  • Outdoor Pursuits


Learners at Youthreach Sligo are provided with the opportunity to take part in a number of day and overnight  trips throughout the year. Trips give learners a chance to see and experience different places and to try new things. Trips also encourage co-operation, participation and friendships. 

Trips have included: 
  • Shankhill Road, Belfast  
  • Falls Road, Belfast  
  • Forest Park, Roscommon
  • Bowling and Quaser in Castlebar 
  • Lough Allen, Leitrim 
  • Croke Park, Dublin

Extra Curricular Activities 

Extra curricular activities are a regular feature of life in Youthreach Sligo.

These include:
  • First Aid Training 
  • Drive for Life Programme 
  • CPR4Schools 
  • Comhairle Na N-og 
  • Safe Pass
  • Security Pass 
  • M.O.G. Programme 
  • Ice Skating 
  • Life Choices
  • Manual Handling

Trips and activities are suspended at present due to ongoing Covid-19 Department of Education and Skills restrictions. 

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