Staff members

Ultan Mulvihill

Co-ordinator. Started work in the centre in May 1989. Teaches Engineering/Metalwork, Personal Development.

Eileen Ryan

Started work in the centre in Oct 1990.   Resource Person

Teaches Home Economics, Information Technology, Social Education, And Vocational Preparation.

Eamon Kelly

Started work in the centre in October 2006. Teaches English, Maths, CSPE and Social Education. Teaches the two more important subjects in the Youthrerach, Football and Pool.

Siobhan Jennings

Started work in centre in Sept 1999. Teaches Art Craft and Design.

Ann Gallagher

Started work in the centre in Septmeber 2002 . Teaches Information Technology, but more importantly is our secretary and runs a very efficient office.

Phil Corcoran

Started in centre in 2007. Centre Counsellor providing support for students and staff alike.

Damien Beirne

Started work in centre Sept 2007. Resource Person. Teaches Materials Technology Wood and Graphics and Construction.  

Marie Magill

Resource Person. Teaches Home Economics, Hotel and Catering, Vocational Preparation and provides Literacy Support.

Karl Bortham

Started work at the centre in September of 2010. Teaches Guitar.

Connie Nell


Started work in the centre in December 2016. Resource Person. Teaches German.

Sinead McLoughlin

Started work in the centre in November 2016. Resource Person. Teaches English and Communications, Work Experience and General Education.